Shin Cobra - lead singer and founder of East London's most popular 80's bhangra band Cobra, now returns to the bhangra industry as a solo artist. The new track is a medley of his favourite traditional Punjabi songs simply titled The Classic Legends Medley. The track is a mix of Shin Cobra's favourite classic Punjabi songs originally sung by legends such as Kuldip Manak, Surinder Shinda, Gurdas Maan, and many more.

Shin Cobra, who also produced the music for this medley, pays tribute to the singers and songs that influenced him during his band days. Shin Cobra says "These are the songs and singers that inspired me and so many other modern day singers across the world. It's only right that I pay homage to them in my comeback single, especially as I've had the great honour of performing alongside the legendary Surinder Shinda and Kuldip Manak".

Shin Cobra has brought a new flavour to the classics through a unique mix of modern production and classic sounds, and hopes that you enjoy listening and dancing to, as he says, "The most famous Punjabi songs of all time!"

Shin Cobra is currently working in the studio with Harvey Sahota on new material for his forthcoming brand new single and album. For more information, gigs and news on what's happening with Shin Cobra - check out

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